Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Idea 14 - Babypocalypse

Everybody loves babies. Lil' cerubic scamps. And everybody loves to speculate about the apocalypse. You say you liked Blindness, the award-winning Jose Saramago masterpiece-turned-feature-film? Compared to this one, that thing reads like Goodnight Moon. Look:

At first, there's widespread joy. Babies spring up en masse out of odd places like car mufflers and sink drains. They're playful and abundant, and we all rejoice in this time of infant plenty. Then they stop aging, feeling pain, needing food, cooing, and being susceptable to physical harm of any kind. And their numbers quadruple every day. The planet is lousy with newborns.

All they do is eat everything that's not tied down, shit oddly cube-shaped nuggets of toxic waste, and cry like they've been left outside in a thunderstorm.

Everybody goes bonkers. Goodbye, society.

This might be the most original idea that's ever happened. Viral marketing opportunity: wrap the walls of nurseries with funhouse mirrors that make it look like there's infinite babies, like in Enter The Dragon.

People will flip out. And buy the crap out if the book. Watch out!

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