Monday, April 6, 2009

Idea 13 - Keep Your Running Mate Close

Political thriller. Everybody loves Obama, right? What if one man didn't... but not a typical assassin guy...

Biden laughed as he drew back the poison arrow against the catgut string of the antique crossbow.

"The Secret Service actually believed me when I told them this was a family heirloom," he said with a huge-toothed smile. "And they're also going to believe that you accidentally shot yourself while imitating a drunken Kim Jong Il. No one can resist the ol' Biden grin."

Obama leveled a steely gaze toward his Vice President. His running mate. His friend.

"Joe, I can get you prostitutes the likes of which--" Thwap!

And so the Biden regime had begun. Or, as it would soon become known -- The Reign Of The Cackle.

We've got shock value, we've got politics, we've got something for bowhunters -- you tell me how this wouldn't get me on Craig Ferguson.

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