Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idea 27 - Stains Of Greatness

Fawning, gushing band retrospectives. People eat those things up. They look cool on your shelf, and you'll always have an obscure fact you can drop on casual fans to make them feel like the children they truly are.

The problem is that securing the rights to a successful band is hugely prohibitive for today's floundering publishing companies, which have been replacing the food served in their cafeterias with pictures of food from unsold cookbooks.

But an unsigned high school band will come excitingly cheap, and their unknown-ness has to be a selling point for music nerds, right? Look:

Fusing nu metal with a distinct Staind influence throughout their catalog of seven and a half Staind covers, Exeter New Hampshire's Power Face electrified audiences at illicit Exeter High parties from early 2003 to mid 2003, when they graduated.

Frontman Derek McNally employed his trademark stoic panache when asked the unanswerable: define the mission of Power Face. "We were just trying to do cool covers of Staind songs. We all really like Staind. What is this for again?"

What, you've never heard of Power Face? Exactly.

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