Thursday, April 9, 2009

Idea 16 - One Voice Speaks Alone: The Case Against The Somali Pirates Who Captured That American Ship

You want serious topical non-fiction? Sunday morning talk show stuff? Get this: two days ago, Somali pirates seized an American ship. You probably saw it all over the news. Well I think it's time somebody noticed.

While rest of Duh-merica sits on their ivory couches, I'll be lighting a book-shaped firecracker and stuffing under their medium-sized asses. Kaboom goes your pirate-coddling agenda.

In this searing political screed, I'll brazenly postulate that the crimes these thieves committed were illegal.

I'll courageously refute the claim that they create flourishing undersea habitats by sinking so many ships full of so many meaty bodies. You have my word as a grandstanding zealot -- No stone will be left un-attacked.

Sure, you can turn a blind eye if you like. But you can't deny that this book must happen. Actually I suppose you can, but you shouldn't.

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