Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idea 22 - The Modern Manservant's Guide To Manservanting

In older days, it was quite common for rich dudes to employ life-long all-purpose male assistants, or "manservants". And nobody thought it was weird. My thinking is that these days, lots of males are unemployed, but there are still a lot of male rich people, so a resurgence in manservantery is right around the corner. Obviously. And where will the new generation learn their trade? That's where my book comes in:

What tasks are beneath you? The rule of thumb is nothing. But if it's truly humiliating, just pretend it didn't happen afterwards.

Regarding insults: it's likely that your master will mock and berate you on occasion or constantly. Consider this a compliment--if he didn't bother, it would mean that you weren't worth the effort!

Sex? Probably not, but the ground rules are fuzzy, especially in this day and age. Definitely don't initiate, unless he orders you to initiate.

In life, business, and the book business, success is 100% inspiration and another 100% foresight. The heady times of the manservant are coming back fast, and when they do, this genius book will be there waiting, like a manservant.

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