Thursday, April 2, 2009

Idea 11 - Ultimate Air

Imagine skateboarding in Heaven. Exactly.

On the night before his first Powerfuel RipNation Championship, emerging skateboard phenom Vance Zildian is cut down by a horrific bluntside bail. As soon as his unhelmeted skull splits on the spraypainted sidewalk, Vance awakes in The Cloudy Afterlife, which looks exactly like it does in cartoons. Awesome! OR IS IT?!?!

Vance soon learns that Paradise is as dull as listening to his stepdad complain about his Gulf War Syndrome.

Where are the parties? Where are the action sports? Where are the young tramps?

God tries to pursuade him that there can be no higher high than total oneness, but Vance decides that there's only one cure for this crapfest -- it's time to shred.

It's The Catcher In The Rye for Gens Y, Z, and tweens. Cross promos with Fuel TV, Vans, and Lifetime. I could sell this thing while grabbing air, and I don't even know what that means.

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