Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Idea 10 - Stand Up And Fail!

I've done some pretty amazing standup in my time. I know, you think could never do standup, you'd be terrified -- you just don't think you're funny enough, and of course you're dead on in that regard.

But what happens when standups aren't aware that they're not qualified to do standup? And shouldn't there be a docu-comedic travelogue-umentary about it? Yes.

I'll travel to comedy luke-warm spots all over the country, documenting the most horrible instances of on-stage failure that I come across. You'll see jokes like "What if the polar ice caps melt? Will hockey players wear Rollerblades?"* You'll meet nominal comics like the 55-year old mom of four from Long Island who kind of smiles and talks quietly about her life, as if it involved jokes.**

So the Facebook set is thirsting for some hip ironic detachment, huh? How about the repulsive enjoyment of things that are painfully unenjoyable? Check. Let's talk numbers.

*actually witnessed by me at an open mic in a respectable downtown NY venue. Yep.

**different venue, same failure

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