Monday, March 30, 2009

Idea 9 - The Torch Of Fate

Write what you know, they say. But who wants to read about marine welding? Unless...

A raven cries its final raven cry as it drops from his calloused hands into the waiting harbor.

"Vampires aren't supposed to drink bird blood, Alexander. Even a washed up shipwreck of a vampire like you."

Herr Ungold had been watching the whole time.

"Ungold, I'm not a vampire. I'm a welder who happens to be a vampire, that's all. Nothing's changed, except now I don't mind pulling the night shift. So either go fuck yourself or hand me that acetylene torch, but either way I'm done talkin'.

But Ungold had already disappeared.

"Bastard's right," Alex muttered aloud, dropping his metal mask over his face with a quick, practiced nod. "Fuck."

Those Twilight nuts are growing up. And when they do, the stoic yet sexy world of vampire welders will be a-waitin'. Can't miss.

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