Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idea 7 - My Year Without Contractions

What happens to a man when he can not combine commonly combined words for an extended period of time? Will our time-starved, contraction-crazy society allow it? Let us find out.

When I tell my friends, "I am not allowed to go to the mall with you," they will have two reasons laugh at me.

Imagine the embarrassment as I try to join my co-workers in a singalong of the Alannis Morisette classic, (Is It Not) Ironic? The disapproving looks I'll get as I belt out the modified refrain "Do You Not Think?" may be more than I can handle.

These something-for-a-year books are really hot right now, and I bet there's an anti-contraction subculture out there that I can tap into. Seems like there's one of those for everything these days. Like for knitters.

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