Friday, March 20, 2009

Idea 4 - Hairsasters

Quirky memoir? Why not:

This one'll be an in-depth exploration of all the terrible haircuts I've had over my 30-plus years, which is most of them. It's a perfect hairstorm of bankable irony, retro-nostalgia (many existed in the currently-hot, always-funny 80s), and legitimately therapeutic catharsis/self-help-ism.

Bingo. Gold medal. Best-seller.

Note: as a hysterical bonus, most haircut photos will coincidentally depict me wearing mock turtlenecks.


  1. mock turtlenecks - i think you've got something.

  2. do they make dickies - you know those fake turtlenecks, like turtleneck collars - in mock turtleneck style?

  3. Not sure if they make those, but if they do they'd probably be called "mock turtledickies", which sounds like a winner to me.