Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Step 32: Quit My Job

Right? How else am I gonna find time to constantly update this blog/generate a groundswell of web-buzz that gets me the BD? I'd complain about the insane hours I've been working, but lots of people don't have jobs right now, so then I'd sound like a dick.

But I'm sure you've been gnashing your mental teeth every time you've checked this site over the last three weeks and found almost no sexy entries. All I can say is that I love you, keep gnashing those brainteeth, and know that my big work project is finally over. Whew!

Publishers, I've got an idea: advance = I quit. Just tossin' it out there.


  1. I thought you already did quit! And the lack of entries was appalling! Now I understand; you're doin' double duty for the man and the phantom man who's gonna pay you big bucks for not being a dick. Consider your strengths my friend, consider your strengths.

  2. Yeah, who needs a job in this economy? You should have no problem finding a suitable replacement if all else fails...

  3. Fat Bastard, I appreciate your insulting enthusiasm. You're officially the sand in my clam.

    Daniel, you sound sarcastic. Just so you know, sarcasm is the umbrella of cowardice.