Saturday, February 21, 2009

Step 31: Get A Foreward Written By James Joyce

I don't know a lot about literature, other than the fact that you can make some real dough off of it. But a cool literary-ish foreward couldn't help but move a few units, especially if I can get a big name like James Joyce. I've never actually read his stuff, so I don't really know what his style is, except that he's Irish and I've heard he's all stream of consciousness-y and that he sorta makes up words here and there. I'm sure he won't mind or even notice if I ghost-write something for him:

Oh and long before and the goats walked among the very Irish-looking children the publishers did deign to give it a deal and begorragh many of the people-readers read of it and the hills came to trill of the music and hey where did you get that booke at the Barnes and Noble there was a wonderpraise review on the store display and my headmaster and I were convinced and the hills of Tralee sang of the praises of this author-man and please enjoy it signed James Joyce.

That's just a rough draft, not sure if I quite nailed his style, but I'll tell you it's a relief to not have to worry about periods or making sense.


  1. Wasnt James Joyce your neighbor as a kid?

  2. No, my Joyce neighbors were a couple of kids named Danny and Andy, although James could have been their cousin or uncle or something, for all I know -- I never really hung out with those guys.