Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Step 27: Begin Slipping Backward Toward The Rusty Beartrap Of Despair

So it hasn't come yet. It's been about a month and no one has kicked my door in, holding a gilded BD in their money-stained hand. Something has to give.

While I appreciate the enormous amount of comments and suggestions about this blog, you've hardly overwhelmed me with viable ideas for content. It seems that I'll have to take a more significant role in my project. Not thrilled about it.

I need to regroup with myself, and actually take action. I need to start knocking on doors and ringing on phones. You're about to see a new me, or at least read a new me. It's time I get off my BD-less ass.

Go team. (By "team" I mean me.)

1 comment:

  1. Politics! You could be an E-pundit. You don't even need to know anything - just pick a side and start saying the other side is leading us down the path to certain and unavoidable cannibalism.