Sunday, February 8, 2009

Step 28: Brainstorm Pseudonyms

I realized this morning over cereal that my publisher(s) may want me use a fake name for marketing purposes or to protect my family's safety. So I've been coming up with a bunch of different ones to suit various demos (demographics). Here are a few -- I'd love your feedback, thanks.

Firebird Thunderclap
Klars "Klimt" Nestlruuurde
Xerxes X. Laserton
Sir Clovis Aloysius Gentile
Dan Zanders, P.I.
Sam "Samwich" Wich
Cloris Leachman
Sweet Daisy Valentine, Sr.
Stephen King
Chase Bankroll
Dirk Mustlebaum
Electra Furtrap
DJ Records
DJ Fresh Veggies
Lady Clara Buttermilk
Blaze Railgun
Blaise Pascal
The Kraken
Señor Eduardo Olé
Vivica Snapdragon
Lil' Tiffany Pennywhistle
Skipper Bannister-Tuffleton
Charles Nelson Reilly
The Clocker

I've got about 465 more but I'd love to get your take on those so I can cut that list down a bit more before I give you the next batch.

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