Monday, February 2, 2009

Step 26: Satiate Your Need To Know Me

In keeping with the tradition of making things easy for my inevitable book-deal givers, I've decided to write my "About The Author" book-jacket thing ahead if time, i.e. now:

"A distinguished man of letters, the word-artist known only as "I Deserve It" (unless the book dealers want me to reveal my true identity, which I'll do in a flash) is considered by many to be some kind of genius. His tireless and yet hard-work-less efforts to seize this book deal from the clutches of not getting one continue to inspire talentless entrepreneurs everywhere. He lives in an understated yet ostentatious mansion with his wife and hundreds of expensive dogs."

There we go. Another barrier hurdled. You're welcome.


  1. you might not have a book deal yet, but I bet you're raking in the cash with those Google Adsense ads in the lower right corner.