Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Step 25: Help The Confused

Reluctantly, I feel obligated to respond to the disturbingly large amount of people who have expressed significant confusion as to what exactly this blog is. Many people don't "understand what the hell this thing is supposed to be".

So I'll be adding a "Frequently Asked Question" page, as soon as I figure out how to do that (or until one of my blogger/readers just tells me, which would be the best case scenario). For now, I think my first post says it the best, and it doesn't require any additional work for me:

"Lots of people make internet money by getting book deals based on their blogs. I can type legibly, so I figure I can probably blog. But what about? After nearly a week of intermittent thinking, I came up with an idea, with the help of my wife, who sort of was the one who came up with the idea: The blog will be about my efforts to get a book deal based on this blog."

Still flummoxed? Try starting from the aforementioned first post and reading GMABD backwards, i.e. sequentially/chronologically, for a more book-like experience. That should clear things up.


  1. My family in Italy is having trouble setting up an email account. The long distance phone charges are killing me so I hope you don't mind me using your blog to communicate with them for the time being.

    Maria, mi spiace se si ha a leggere uno qualsiasi dei contenuti di questo blog prima di trovare questo messaggio. Noi non ha molto tempo prima che questo blog viene spento e quindi avranno diritto ad essa. Dillo a mamma i soldi invio sarà mangiato alla fine del mese. Il suo non è molto, ma è tutto quello che può permettersi in questo momento. Non ho intenzione di essere in grado di fare a casa per un po 'di tempo. Ho fatto un terribile errore di venire in America. Le persone qui sono pazzi. è successo che pensano solo a loro consegnato intead di dover lavorare per essa. In ogni caso, inviare il mio amore. Arrivederci.

  2. As far as I know, I like foreign people as much as the next guy. And if this blog can provide a service that doesn't interfere with getting a BD, that's fine. My only concern is that you're mocking me in Italian.