Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step 18: Update The People On Step 14

NEWS: GivMABDers seem to really be responding to Step 14, which regarded the idea of publishing horribly uninteresting bullshit about my plodding daily life. Here goes!!!

So, about my haircut -- you wouldn't believe it, I ALMOST MISSED MY APPOINTMENT AGAIN!! Ahhhh, work!!! Why does it have to be so much work, right??? I feel like Cathy.

But my hair lady Nikki was totally cool about it, she's great. Okay, no more ado: here's where we were 3 days ago:

And here's the new cut!!

Admittedly it's a little lifeless because there's not enough product or natural body oils in it, but I think she nailed it again. And I'm considering running ad banners on my forehead. I'm just kidding. Hit me back with comments (but only good ones. I'm just kidding).


  1. if you stare at the post-haircut one for a few too many seconds, it looks like a thumb with a wig on it. forget adbanners, unless it's for more shameless self-promotion.

  2. Now you just need to Botox those railroad tracks you have running across your forehead.

    I would definitely buy a book about a guy trying to get a book deal through a blog about trying to get a book deal by putting himself through various plastic surgeries.

  3. I dont think it looks good at all. But if you do get a book deal I think you should put that picture on the flap of the inside back cover.

    I've noticed you like to take Friday's and weekends off from blogging. Not a good idea. 1 post a day for 4 days a week? Not what I would look for in a potential author.

    I like the plastic surgery angle. I always wanted to get another set of eyes for the back of my head and another set of ears on the bottom of my feet. That way nobody could ever sneak up on me. I am a very paranoid person.