Sunday, January 18, 2009

Step 19: Advertise!

So it's all working. While I'm chock empty of ideas about creating relevant content of any kind, the crowdsourcery is cranking away. In the comment area after my last post, in which I joked about running ads on my shamefully large forehead, I got some great and insulting feedback/ideas. Then I put them to use:
fat bastard said...

"forget ad banners, unless it's for more shameless self-promotion."

Perfect, great idea. But how?
Scott and Kristin Regan said...

Now you just need to Botox those railroad tracks you have running across your forehead.

This insult made me realize that I could use my above-eyebrow wrinkles as horizontal guidelines for text on said ad banners. And so...

BEHOLD!!! My new banner ad on the right side of this page. Now I can drive incremental traffic without earning it, like those ads that shake and indicate that your computer is broken. I'm rubbing elbows with the pros! Here come the Book Deals, people. I won't forget you when I abandon you after I get one.


  1. By the way -- if any of you know how I might be able to put my animated ad banner in the Inevitable Book, I'm all ears (and forehead just kidding).

    And don't say flipbooks, I'm already looking into that.

  2. To quote a really lame joke I heard, you don't have a forehead. You have a five-head. Ha ha.