Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Step 11: Borrow Interest (UPDATED)

Bear in mind, this is all an experiment, but I'm considering providing GiveMABookDers with fun/entertainment FROM OUTSIDE THIS BLOG. I've been entertained by this tactic on other blogs, and I need to start stealing successful ideas.

Such as: this f'ing hysterical commercial -- a finalist for Doritos Superbowl commercial contest -- created by none other than Friend-of-GmeABD Oren Brimer and pals.

So go check out this other person's thing, then give me credit for it. That's how this works.


UPDATE: It seems that the link to the "hysterical commercial" below isn't driving everyone directly to the commercial in question. I don't have the blogging wherewithal to fix it, but if you follow that link and click the TV, you'll see the 5 finalist videos, and the one you want is called "New Flavor Pitch". I believe that it's worth all the laborious clicking.

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