Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Step 13: Brainstorm With No One

Some mind-bending content ideas I'm gonna throw out there, some of which were suggested by the same offline friend referenced in Step 12.

So I know that I can't post videos or links, as they can't be printed in the book for which I get a deal. But I could post:
  • pictures of videos
  • pictures of links
  • belabored, sloppily constructed explanations of videos or links that would be hugely less interesting or entertaining than the videos or links themselves
  • flipbooks
I can hear my own engine warming up. Can you? Yes.


  1. How about including a DVD with the book? You could even include out-takes. Like you writing some ideas out and then crumpling up the piece of paper. Hilarious.

    It could also include the live suicide I suggested earlier. Think about it.

  2. Antonio Scarpacci: early favorite for the "Best GeMABooDealer Of Thursday" award. If you haven't seen it, his comment on Step Ten was priceless, and my response was both tender and earnest.

    As for DVDs -- depending on how fast I "Get A Book Deal", I'm concerned that the format may be extinct. I think we can note that as "VIDEO CONTENT IN BOOK: POSSIBLE DVD-LIKE MEDIUM, POSSIBLY BLU-RAY-DESCENDENT OR E-PAPER."