Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Step 23: Briefly Consider Adding Premium Content

A "Bailey Regan", one of my typically enthusiastic commenters, recently suggested creating some type of premium content for this barn-burner of a blog. As this post title suggests, I considered it for a relatively small amount of time. Concerns:
  1. Adding premium content would necessitate having standard-access content in the first place, which continues to be an issue.
  2. Bailey's specific idea about payment for said theoretical content, "Instead of paying actual money, users could submit their unwanted gold, silver, or platinum jewelry in exchange for access," might conflict with today's economic realities. I figure that everyone with semi-precious metals is currently melting them down to create hardened shields to using during the impending food/medicine riots. So I'm going to have to shoot that one down. Sorry Bailey! Keep your ideas coming, except for the bad ones!

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