Monday, January 26, 2009

Step 22: Attempt To Recover From Meeting With A Book Publisher

Okay. So today I met with my friend who works at a book publishing company. I pitched GMABD as a candidate for a BD.

She didn't kick me in the mouth. I'll say that.

No book deal as of yet. In so many words, she said that I would definitely get a book deal if I convince someone to give me one. But apparently that'll require work, which is unfortunate. I'll have to put more time and effort into this thing. Like commit to writing more than .68 posts a day. And actually, seriously, earnestly and sweetly try to make this thing relatively worth anyone's fleeting attention. Again, work. Not ideal.

Some off-my-cuff ideas for new content:
  • sample book covers (saving the publisher work) (they'll be created in Microsoft Paint)
  • a host of options for the book-jacket picture of the author. I might need Powerpoint to comp those up.
  • offbeat cat-related images
  • pictures of animals getting in skateboarding accidents
  • outright slander of people who are only famous to small groups of people
Write back soon.

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