Monday, January 5, 2009

Step Nine: Unleash The Thunder

Okay, I just emailed pretty much everybody I know about this explosive blogging project, and also added it to my Facebook in a bunch of places. Get ready.

For the overwhelming hordes that have just arrived at this site: yes, you can comment freely and often (as opposed to emailing me, as it's less work for me to then cut/paste/publish your feedback, and I'd also like to keep this email address open for book deal offers.)

You're part of it, everybody! Get excited!


  1. Two words: Naked Pictures. The only sure fire way to get eyeballs to your site. Although in your case....

  2. I'm not taking any ideas off the table. And I think my naked stuff would be pretty appealing. Hold on, I'm gonna make a poll about that.

    This is totally an interactive conversation. We're open-sourcing it. This is how these things get hugely popular.

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