Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idea 3 - I Hate Farming

We're going non-fiction this time around. Get this:

Farmers who hate farming. I traverse the heartland in an old Ford F-150 hybrid, talking to traditional family farmers who absolutely loathe what they do (understandably). I interview the lazy, the bored, the honest, and the soft-handed as they dejectedly refute the idea that there's any measure of stoic satisfaction that justifies busting your ass outdoors every day.

Of course, the text would be paired with breathtaking, coffee-table-worthy photos of our disappearing agricultural heritage and plain-faced field-workers giving the thumbs up sign.

One side-benefit of this book is that it might cause people to stop complaining about how they hate working in an office all day, when the alternative is generally back-breaking physical labor. That phenomenon sort of drives me nuts.

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