Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idea 26 - The Game of Lies

I heard recently that Neil Strauss's The Game, an interesting memoir/sadly effective guide to picking up women, is still a best-seller almost 5 years after its release.

Newsflash, assholes: I've got the facts to prove that the Game doesn't work. Namely my noble but failed attempts to put it to use for almost 5 years:

After I got home, I checked the book to see if getting thrown out of a menopause support group was covered in The Game. Not even close.

Yet again, I had found an inhospitable hole in Strauss's infantile fantasy. Yet again, I had proven that many real women have both curves and standards. Yet again, I joyfully cried myself to sleep, secure in the fact that my failure was his, not mine. Not mine.

Tomorrow, it's on to the knicknack fair.

I figure that I can probably get some support/free advertising for this from some of those nutso women's groups, and they'll probably give up some tail as well. Bingo.

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