Thursday, April 16, 2009

Idea 19 - Just One Of The Guys Who Sells Great Pools

One burgeoning book-deal-getting category is the F-list celebrity memoir. Kind of a head-scratcher, but then again I suppose they do mix the outsized with the attainable. And it's also a relief to read about people who are more desperate than you. Let's give it a whirl:

For Joyce Hyser, star of the gender-bending fish-out-of-water-in-high-school John Hughes knockoff/mainstay of 90s pay cable flick "Just One Of The Guys", I'll ghostwrite a stirring account of her brief moment in the sun followed by her rewarding career in above-ground pool sales.

Sure, J-Hys spent a few years signing autographs and auditioning for local jewelry store commercials. But for the purposes of the book, we'll focus on how much she enjoys providing attractive solutions for fun-loving homeowners who just can't handle the headaches or hassles that come with all in-ground pools.

One quick note: due to the impending collapse of the publishing industry, this book will be made possible by a generous grant from Joyce's employers, Nationwide EZ Poolz.

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