Thursday, April 30, 2009

Idea 28 - Parallax Interuptus

Sci Fi. We're going there:

The hologram women didn't care that Eugene had bacne and whole-body carpal tunnel. Their highly evolved understanding of real human attractiveness prized his intellect and high gaming scores above all else. Even now, after all the cyber cuddling, they began laser-jousting over who would service him next. What a fracas!

Just then, the re-animated clone of Gwen Stefani uncloaked herself in the midst of Eugene's waterless showercube. She looked flummoxed.

"Gene," she breathed. "There's a new time parallax on planet Sagan-Z. If you don't plug it with your perfectly round Pepsi-gut, our universe could pull itself into another dimension, like when you reverse a gym sock so you can wear it after the outside gets crusty."

The theme is inclusiveness, basically. Just because this guy has quarter-sized dandruff doesn't mean he can't save the world and get virtually porked by some hot e-ladies. This book is for everyone, see?

I think there's a little "Gene" in all of you.

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