Monday, April 20, 2009

Idea 20 - Lose Weight, Then Eat It To Save Money!

Haven't hit the self-help genre yet. Well the fact that people are broke as hell won't change the fact that they're pretty fat. So basically the idea is that when you lose weight, it has to go somewhere. It might well go back on your plate, considering the global financial shitstorm and all.

It's not your fault that you're overweight. It could be your glands, or genetics, or maybe it's too cold where you live to exercise or eat well. Regardless, the problem isn't about eating -- it's about math:

Eat Food
+ Eat More Food

But what if this happened:

Eat Food
+ Eat That Same Food You Just Ate
= Fullness & $avings

I'll need to work with a doctor to figure out how this can be done without lipo or eating shit, but that'll be great because the doc will add some extra credibility to the book. So that's two birds with one thing right there.

This is one of those ideas where you slap yourself on the forehead because it hasn't been done before, and it fits the weight-loss self-help category because it does everything except encourage people to eat less and exercise more.

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