Friday, April 3, 2009

Idea 12 - The Book

A novel-length tale of the macabre this time -- I think I'm definitely ready to take the reigns from Dean R. Koontz.

A lonely and embittered small town English teacher, his school beset by financial cockuppery, is unable to provide new books to his class. Desperate, he searches the school's mangy attic for something, anything to keep his pupils' attention. He finds tons of porn mags up there, but decides after about a half hour that it wouldn't be cool to hand those out.

But he's faced with a much tougher test when he discovers a mysterious tome called... Advanced Mind Control: How To Make Your Enemies' Heads Implode And How To Make Young Girls Turn Eighteen Instantaneously.

Will a good man be able to resist this ultimate power? Will he test the first part on dogs? Will it even work on dogs, or is it a humans-only thing?

If you look at the NYT best-seller wall at any bookstore or airport impulse-buy trap. half of the books are horror books by Koontz, King, and a bunch of other people no one has ever heard of. I could be one of those people!

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