Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idea 18 - Operation Scarfwatch

File this one under "Thriller Books".

In a forgotten Pentagon walk-in closet, a young FBI agent is briefed on an assignment that will change men's fashion forever.

He's told that there's a shadowy organization of questionable intention known only as The Panderjacks. Their all-male membership is nearly invisible in society, other than that they often wear scarves indoors. Now that the look has become stylish, it's become nearly impossible for FBI agents to spot the bastards. Nearly.

Our young agent, Nick Dovetail, is tasked with infiltrating cocktail lounges, ad agencies, love-ins, and other fashion-forward enclaves. When he encounters a "scarfer", he's legally empowered to detain and fiercely mock them until they confess about the Panderjack agenda, or at least remove the scarf to help expedite the search.

Okay -- you've got intrigue, action, and Gawker-worthy aesthetic criticism. And my "Operation (Blank)" structure is ready-made to be a Clancy/Grisham/"(Letter) Is For (Noun)" series. People love those things.

Get ready to fall in love with Nick Dovetail, America. But don't get too close--he's dangerous.

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