Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Idea 66 - Sock Puppets In Jail

Back to kids' books for a bit, even though I hate them (kids and kids' books). This is a delightful lil' tale about some fun and special toys who magically come to life in the hands of a disturbed felon. One of the exciting subplots is whether or not the puppets are really alive or just the hallucinations of a dangerous man-child. Let your imagination run free:

"Hey Jason, I bet it's a beautiful day outside!" cried Lefty. His button eyes darted across the crude mural of outdoor activities that he had scratched on the dank cell wall. "Let's pretend we're playing a board game on a blanket in the sun!"

Righty sighed an exhausted sigh. "I'm positive that, somewhere far behind those blank eyes of yours, you know you're a fool." Righty was in one of his moods again! Jason could only shake his head. "Go ahead, pretend all you like. It's what you're best at. But some of us aren't afraid of reality."

Lefty couldn't believe it! Who wouldn't want to come on a fun pretend field trip to a sun-drenched meadow!? Who wouldn't want a chance to forget, at least for a few moments, imagined or otherwise?

"I'm with you, Lefty!" Jason had made up his mind. "Quick, let's close our eyes! Last one on the blanket's a murderer!"

Publishers take note: this one's got that bankable dynamic from Pixar & Disney classics where there's something for adults as well as kids. Grownups will have fun wrestling over the conundrum of personal responsibility vs. the slavery of mental illness, and kids love sock puppets.

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