Monday, June 29, 2009

Idea 65 - Guitardyssey

This time I'm around I drew my inspiration from myself. I originally came up with the name "Guitardyssey" for my band on Guitar Hero 2, but it's obviously too awesome to be constrained within that format. Can't stop the rock:

Frankie spat angry blood on the jailhouse floor. "You should know that this cell won't hold me, Warden. Mandy wont allow it. We've got a show in a half hour."

Warden Wiemeyer smugly regarded his nightstick as it twirled merrily in his liver-spotted hand. "First of all, I'd like to thank you for giving me a chance to use this thing. It's been much too long. Second of all, I'm pretty sure no one named Mandy or anybody else is gonna come save you, pal. So would you like bread or water for din--"


With a horrific metallic scream, the steel wall of the cell suddenly exploded inward. As if through warm milk or hot yogurt, a flying onyx guitar had somehow torn the wall a new one, and was now spinning mightily through the stale prison air like a deadly guitar-shaped frisbee.

On the way to Franky's outstretched palm, it barely slowed as it obliterated the throat of Warden Wiemeyer. It all took only a fraction of a second and ended with Mandy, the enchanted guitar of prophecy, settled snugly in the hand of her owner. Her master. Her lover.

So obviously Franky escapes, and (SPOILER ALERT!) the duo does indeed make it to their show. You can guess how the performance goes. But as for the rest of the adventure (and the two prequels), you'll have to wait until a cool publisher drops some serious dough on this here author. One of you should set up an online petition or something.

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