Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Idea 62 - The Sexiest Catch

Ooo, fan fiction. That's when people who love existing books, movies, games, etc. add their own unsolicited stories to that "universe", in the hopes that women will notice and contact them. Well I'm a big fan of "Deadliest Catch" (Americas top-rated show on cable). And I always thought it could use a little magic/fantasy. What an opportunity!

Gruff captain Sig Hansen, hardy seaman of Norwegian ancestry, had never seen an mermaid. Never, that is, except in the eerily real dreams that had tortured him ever since he first set out on the vast and ruthless Bering Sea. So what then was this full-chested apparition that called to him in the turbulent waters just outside the frozen St. Paul harbor? Some kind of walrus or something?

"Come inside!" Sig hollered to the salty and exhausted deckhands. "Get off the damn deck!" If this somehow was a mermaid, Sig didn't want the crew to witness her -- he wanted her all to himself. She was really, really hot.

Okay, book publishers, do the math: #1 show on cable + sexy sea-babe + my abilities to transport people to another world via words = we all get laid 'n paid. (That's a crab fisherman saying.)

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