Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Idea 47 - All My Frags: The Autogameography

If there's one thing people love to hear about, it's another person's collection of notable video game achievements. And while it's obvious to everyone that I'm certainly not Major League Gaming champion OGRE1, I do feel like my metaphorical memory card is filled with an impressive Everyman's achievement list -- one that speaks volumes about what we all strive for when we stay up til three in the morning, hopped up on Dr Pepper and Funyuns, refusing to abandon our noble imaginary quests. Feel me:

The night that I became the first person I knew to defeat the digital Mike Tyson in his eponymous "Punch-Out" stands as the single greatest moment of my existence on this planet. My cousin and all of his buddies who were there that night (other than Nickerson because he was out smoking a clove) bore witness not to a gutty 3-round victory over Brooklyn's own "Iron Mike" -- but to the ultimate triumph of the human will.

I almost wish I was one of those guys watching me make history, instead of the one making it. They must have felt an incredible, unforgettable rush, akin to watching God give birth. While I, on the other hand, could only focus on the Now -- the whole of my essence focused on watching for Tyson to flash pink, which meant that another thunderous blow was only a millisecond away. Here it comes!

Thinking of it now... I can see how those guys who fought in World War 2 still break down when they think of Iwo Jima or whatever. Once you've had an experience like I did -- you just can't un-live it. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes -- I wish that I could.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get the chance to actually go to war -- seems unlikely, although I checked the paper today and we're on the brink of total Armageddon on about 8 fronts. But I know that if I do, I can face any challenge without fear. I can face any bullet, or rocket, or cool tank without pissing myself. Because in my heart, I'll always have the memory of that night at my cousin's.

And of my wife. Yeah, my wife will be in there too I guess.

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