Friday, June 19, 2009

Idea 60 - America's Most Wanted Ghost Zombie

Judging from the dark-hued and exclamatory posters I see in the subway, there's a big market for grisly supernatural crime thrillers. That got me thinking: "How do you stop a killer who's invisible, dead, and obsessed with eating brains?"

A chill raced down Agent Zander's spine like a frozen corpse on a bobsled run. It was obvious that the Martin girl wad dead -- he immediately noticed the killer's trademark single gunshot to the heart, as well as the fact that her brains had been devoured, zombie-style.

McNally, the rookie, struggled to maintain his composure and his lunch. "But how did the bastard escape? The security doors are all locked from the outside!"

Zander could only laugh and twirl his trusty toothpick."Show me a zombie ghost who can't walk through walls, and I'll show you a kid in a Halloween costume."

It was time to have another chat with the perp's zombie girlfriend, Gladys.

Maybe I'm an old softie, but I can't help but feel for the killer. It's clear that Zander's going to catch him eventually (he always does), but at the same time he's just doing what comes natural. Oh well. Metaphysical quandaries aside, this thing's gonna sell an assload o' books.

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