Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Idea 48 - Gravel Boys

With a gritty but innocuous 50s gang novel, I'll be able to capture the imagination and dollars of the Boomers before they die. Not to mention suburban high school English teachers -- they'll eat up a chance to assign it to their kids, thus feeling edgy and tough without discussing gunplay or modern urban people. Here goes:

The others looked on as Slick picked his teeth with a rusty carpet nail. Was he deciding what to do next, or just thinking about Lisa, all dolled up and mincing around at the High Society Ball?

He flicked the nail into a rotting Chevy oil pan.
"Tomorrow night. We get back at those North Hill jerks -- for good this time. Make sure you bring your bike chains."

Skeeter gulped -- not audibly, he hoped. "This is crazy!" he thought. "Sure, The North Hill guys put Roller in the clinic with a sprained ankle, but bike chains? What are we, animals?

Slick could read a face as good as a large-print Archie comic. "You're not gonna go soft on us, Skeeter. Not now -- we need an extra man tomorrow, and you're the closest thing we got."

Hot Dog let out a raspy laugh. "Closest thing we got!" That got him going pretty good.

"One more thing, fellas." Slick's eyes burned with rage and horrible creativity. "When we walk up to them guys, we're gonna be snappin' our fingers. All slow and real cool like. And we're gonna do it in unison."

They were about to change gang fights forever.

I was tempted to get really raw and have them start choreographing the intimidating dance routine they were going to bring to the rumble, but Jesus, there's kids who read this blog.

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