Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Idea 43 - Ultra-Kicks: From Old Skool to Future Steez

You have no reason to know this, but there are an alarming number of sneaker addicts out there -- people who obsessively collect rare, odd, and sometimes even Japanese athletic shoes. These people are commonly referred to as "sneakerheads". Seriously. I didn't make that up. Google it, I'll wait.

Obviously, these people have a significant amount of disposable income and make questionable purchasing decisions... sounds like it's time for a ridiculously overpriced coffee table book:

At left: limited edition Adidas Stan Smith "Spiders", owned by Jezz Navins, 28-year old graphic designer/t-shirt sculptor. Made entirely of spider silk, they dissolve immediately upon wearing, which explains their bargain basement retail price of $899.

Pictured at right are one of only 40 known pairs of the mythical Reebok Pump Plazzma, in which the eponymous air bladder is filled with the blood of former NBA star and Reebok spokesman Dee Brown.

I've even got a cool buzz marketing idea -- the first 1,000 copies will be assembled by retired workers from the fabled Southern Myanmar Nike factory, some as old as 14. And there'll be an even smaller run in which every single page has been stained with genuine Korean child tears.

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