Friday, May 22, 2009

Idea 41 - Next Stop, Surpriseville!

I'm tired of all this effort. I need to crank a couple novelty book ideas out. Here's one all you subway-commuters out there will love: I'm gonna make note of one totally funny and surprising thing that happens on the subway on the way into work -- yes, every single day. Why not? It's an accessible hook, and that's pretty much all you need.

(NOTE: This one actually happened to me yesterday, but I'd have to make most of them up, of course.)

Day 1:
This morning, a homeless man was walking down the subway car begging, and he was either blind or faking blind really well. Since he was probably special, I decided to give him a dollar. But I was stuck in a weird seat where I couldn't reach the begging-basket, so I tapped the guy next to me on the shoulder and asked him to pass the dollar to the (probably) blind dude. But! That guy next to me was totally confused or crazy or foreign, because he kind of mumbled something then started to put my blind-money is his own pocket! I was like "No, it's for the blind guy!" and I pointed at the guy with the cane, and then my seat-neighbor finally figured it out and gave it to him. I was like "What a city!"

It seems like this'll be an easy one -- I could bullshit 20 or 30 of these things in an afternoon. Like "Oh wow, a pregnant lady started singing", or "Can you believe it, the conductor had this crazy way of announcing the stations". It's a sure hit -- people love bemusedly shaking their head and thinking "Man, everyday life isn't boring after all!"

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