Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idea 35 - Nun Guns

War. It puts the worst and best of us on display -- our brutality, our bravery, our madness, our... spunk. Any war story well-told is enthralling, and if you add some nuns in there I bet it'd be hysterical. Here goes:

Crossing herself with one hand, Sister Mary Margaret lobbed her last grenade with the other. While she couldn't see where it landed in the darkness outside the nunnery walls, the sound of the explosion and accompanying screams brought a rueful smile to her wrinkled mouth.

"Send me a postcard from hell, sinners!" she snarled. "My address is 123 Fuck Yourself Lane!" But the French separatist hordes showed no signs of flagging, and she knew the sisters would soon be forced to retreat.

"Listen up, ladies! Grab your dresses and tie up your tresses, we are OUT OF HERE, CAPICHE!?"

Okay. Catch your breath. Are you ready? Video game adaptation. Yep. All of sudden, we've got a property that's perfect for history buffs, Christian nuts, gamers, veterans, nuns, military fetishists, and probably priests, as I'm imagining that a lot of them have dreamed of characters like Sister Mary Margaret for a long, long time. Hell, we all have.

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