Thursday, May 7, 2009

Idea 33 - The Hopes Of Clara's Dreams

Epic novel. This genre pushes the limits of the amount of work I'm interested in doing, but I guess I need to cover all my bases, even if they're boring.

How about an early 20th century young woman who breaks free from a stifling arranged marriage to pursue her dream of becoming an all-powerful business magnate. It's like Wuthering Heights meets The Aviator, if that was ever a book (not sure).

Jesus, this does sound boring. I'm gonna have to sex it up somehow:

"Blast it, Clara, put down those silly books about the fish canning industry!" Arthur was in a foul humour, but she simply couldn't lay the tome to rest.

"And you're nude!" he wailed.

While he had been tender toward her in loving matters, at least toward the beginning, Arthur simply couldn't compare to the group at the shore house. As he fumed and stomped around the reading-room, she couldn't help but mutter a winsome wish: "Oh, to be the female Rockefeller of canning, and simultaneously a strumpet of historic proportion."

Wow. Things just got a little steamy in here. I might have to take a lot of breaks while I write this one.

I see a lot of potential for a sweeping story arc that transcends era and place, as well as a whoooole lot 'o titties.

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