Thursday, May 14, 2009

Idea 36 - Drunk On Love, Life, and Alcohol

It's time for a good old-fashioned genre-bender. See if you can resist this hot mashup of self-help, romance, and home-brewing how-to:

Without warning, Chet had whisked her away to breathtaking Munich -- birthplace of modern progressive lifeology and the classic German lager.

"You've come a long way toward investing in your emotions," he drawled. Their eyes met over the pillowy heads of their well-balanced pilsners, whose subtle aroma and crisp finish had been achieved with aged barley and a low initial gravity. "But I'm not sure if you're ready to truly own your goals."

His hand slid slickly into hers -- it dripped with the sweat from his traditional fluted Weissbier glass and foreshadowed the coming night's events. "Show me," shuddered Elaine. "Teach me." She could no longer sustain eye contact. "Help me gauge the street value of my dreams."

This one strikes a very personal chord with me. I'm a a big beer guy, and I'm also into quietly masturbating while dreaming of being a different, better person.

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