Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Idea 42 - Woodwinds in the Ether: a collection of verse

Poetry. Holy shit, can't believe I haven't thought of this before. I could easily be "a revelatory and lyrical new voice, undoubtedly poised to uproot all that's sacred within the cloistered world of verse" or some shit like that. Let's light this wick:

Caterwauling, she emerges
Snip, cry, hold, cry, cry, die

(That part was about a baby being born, with a quick hint about how she'll die eventually, not sure if that was clear)

Mortgages, re-mortgages intertwine with aspirations of gilded
nonsense, placeholders for the actual, keep the seat warm, keep the
seat warm

(I'm just sort of going with this, I'm pretty sure it's great, but I haven't written poetry since I felt sort of isolated that time in high school.)

Watch age barrel up the dusty driveway, grandfather's rotting truck, bumping
through ruts, first gear grinding, dimming headlights, see through yogurt cataracts,
wish for it, wish for it

Jesus. I kind of freaked myself out there -- it was pretty eerie how I managed to pretty much sum up the human experience without really trying. It was like I was channeling Edie Brickell or something.

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