Monday, May 4, 2009

Idea 30 - Serialized Serial Killings

Jesus, it seems like the average American and old people just can't enough books and TV shows about grisly, often rape-related murder. What does that say about us? And how can I capitalize? I'll need to do something new...

Wait a minute... I could make it interactive!

See, all serial killers ultimately want to get caught (like when you subconsciously let yourself get caught cheating on your significant other so you have an excuse to break up without just telling them that you dislike them). So I'll find one of these consistent murderers and get them to agree to get caught by... The People!

In each serialized release, I'll ghost-write the killer's account of his latest brutal homicide. We'll drop just enough clues so that the CSI-crazed masses run out to the crime scene armed with their vague, overly glamorized notions of forensics. They'll interact with each other, pretend they're impossibly attractive scientist-cops, and of course email me their terrible theories, which 'll incorporate/debunk the next edition!

I could make it a podcast!


Kindle 2!

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