Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idea 38 - iSleuth and the eCaper of the Online Century

Cyber crime. Hell, cyber anything. There's no way I can miss, right? Intellectuals, dorks, secret dorks -- totally fascinated by how technology could affect their favorite formulaic genres. Log into this one:

Professor Diode put on a nice show for the Dean, discussing android metaphysics ad nauseum, despite the fact that they don't exist. Meanwhile, his army of sentient bots were cleaning out the university's huge endowment. The e-sweepers typed furiously to erase any trace of the bots' activities, with their nanomeds at the ready to wipe their own memories clean. Only the professor would remember how their master plan had unfolded, and of course, his personlity would soon be uplaoded into the secure server, outside of legal jurisdiction. It was all so digi-perfect.

Even Gumshoe247 was impressed. His photobot snapped away as it floated outside Diode's office window, while he drank himself stupid on Virtual Booze. "Dammit, 'shoe" Fungrrl purred. "You're a washed up, no-good disaster of a Private Dick, but I can't seem to tear myself away." He had programmed her to say that early last month, and he still hadn't grown tired of it. Then they started doing it.

What's going to happen?! Will Diode get away with it?! Will Fungrrl ever become a real woman?! Does Gumshoe even care?! The answer is "no" to that last one, but you'll have to find the others... in the book. Zounds!

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