Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Idea 39 - Now Lighter Than Ever

Sexy, sexy advertising. The press can't get enough of Mad Men, and I think that other current-day ad guy show might still be on the air. Bonus: I've been in the ad biz myself for quite a while, so I totally have an insider's view of how incredibly exciting and arousing it all is. Buy this on for size:

"Your assignment--"

"--if you choose to accept it!" Copywriter Mark Blanham had unleashed one of his trademark zingers. He laughed wildly. Mark was well over thirty.

Edie Narson, senior account executive and unremarkable mother of two, continued.

"Your assignment is to generate awareness and purchase intent for Eatwell's innovative yogurt product, Aireolus."

"Aureolas!" Art director Nate McClantock enjoyed breast-related ribaldry as much as the next Renaissance man. Inevitably, Mark and Nate high-fived.

"It's called Aireolus," Edie impassively continued. "It's a major innovation in the yogurt industry, because it has a lighter texture."

Then came a long moment during which no one spoke.

All seemed to be waiting for something else, some additional information that would make it all okay.

But of course, nothing came. Nothing but the deadening weight of the truth: they would all spend the next five months of their lives dedicated to creating a surprising, exciting, and compelling advertising campaign to promote a yogurt with a debatably lighter consistency than many other yogurts.

The silence in the room was the space between and the hammer and the bullet.

Then someone was passing out some papers.

So yeah, I'm not really sure where this one's gonna go, I could have a lot of fun with it I think. Mark and Nate seem like fun guys (although I don't know them very well yet!). I guess I could try getting a Don-Draper-like character in there, but I'm pretty sure those guys are all dead.

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