Friday, August 28, 2009

Idea 92 - Ultimate Immortal Legends Of Lacrosse

Holy living crap, I can't believe I haven't done a sports book yet! I love sports! Especially lacrosse! And you know what, I think America's ready to fall in love with lax - and I'm just the person to force them into it:

Very few people know or care that NFL great and scary blaxploitation hero Jim Brown was one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time. In fact, Brown simply dominated "The Little Sport That Didn't" while attending Syracuse in the mid 1950's. Yet he's only known for his football prowess, merely because it's a sport that's vastly more popular and entertaining.

The Brown Era passed, no one noticed, and lacrosse would wait 40 years for a breakthrough talent to not help it break into the mainstream.
It was the non-heralded Gait brothers, Paul and Gary, who finally approached Brown's boring mastery of "The Fastest Game With Lacrosse Sticks". As none of us know, the Gaits are synonymous not just for their 1999 Mann Cup (sp?) with the Victoria Shamrocks (sp?), but also for tearing down racial and cultural barriers by returning "The Invisible Game" to the hands of wealthy white prep-school dicks.

Man, there's so much history here -- I could probably spend five hundred pages talking about recent advancements in stick lacing and aquaintance rape. Pre-order now! (That's what I'd be saying if somebody bought this idea.) (still available)

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