Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Idea 76 - The Game Of Death

Maybe I can make some money by stoking panic and hysteria. But what kind of -- oh wait! I could goose the snoozing dragon of parental concern about video games!

Lucas and Sanji swore viciously through gritted and braced teeth. They had nearly finished the third level of MomKiller 3D.

"Dam*! Cr#p!! Chr&$@t's an@s on a jumped-up sh%*garti€£s!!! You shot that old woman in her @$$! High-five me!" Sanji had been a Hindu altar boy until this past Christmas, when his kind but negligent parents purchased a sin-filled Play-Station. That morning, his blood-curdling shriek of delight had been a dark portent of deteriorating penmanship and carelessness with matches.

Lucas spat out Funyun flecks as he screamed chilling instructions. "Get those ding-€@&ing explosives!!! We'll head to the crap€^*%ish PTA meeting and take our fat $&@nus#%ard parents hostage!!!

"I can't wait!" hollered Sanji. "Then let's turn gay!"

All we need is some simple banner ads on leading "mommy blog" CafeMom.com. Once word gets out, parents will buy up the whole first run just to burn them in the town square and shake them angrily in front of local news cameras.

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