Monday, July 6, 2009

Idea 70 - Meine Deutsche (I'll Look Up The German Word For 'Adventure' Later)

You might not guess this, but I'm pretty fuckin' cultured. I've been all over, including Belgium. But this particular riveting travelogue is about my time abroad in Germany, in a very quintessentially German college town called Freiburg, nestled Germanically in the foothills of the Black Forest. Hitchhike with me down the dusty road of time:

We were well into another session at O'Dwyer's, one of Freiburg's top three Irish bars. The four of us -- Carl, Justin, Byron and I -- were pounding fine German lager as if it were discounted Natural Light. We were truly sucking the marrow out of our time in a distant land, although there were no Germans in sight, nor any sign of German culture. Soon we would stumble out into the night and return to our cozy student apartment, where we lived with no actual German students.

The evening was destined to end with us playing a fun game we had invented called "The Refund Game", where we embraced Freiburg's environmentally-conscious lifestyle by throwing large beer bottles out of our fourth-floor window in the general direction of the recycling bins roughly 30 yards away.

Sure, some of you might be saying "You could have done that stuff at home" or "what an embarrassment you were to your country and yourselves". But you're forgetting the fact that I'll be changing all the names of people and places to German versions in the real book. Instantly, I'll sound wild but worldly. I'm like eight steps ahead of you.

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