Thursday, July 2, 2009

Idea 68 - The Only Official 2009 Retrospective

So I'm planning ahead with this one, obviously (duh). Anyway, there's always a glut of glossy year-in-review books that come out every winter, which apparently means that there's a market for them. I don't know, I guess there's a certain appeal to holding history in your hands, or at least holding brief, artless recaps of recent events you remember clearly in your hands. Regardless, let's think backward:

As Barack Obama addressed the nation as its first black president, it was a sunny day. We came together as one and took a break from work. As many as several thousand people were involved.

(pictorial montage commemorating the Celebpocalypse of '09)

Our attentions returned to Iraq where increased sectarian violence killed hundreds whatever whatever (JUST A PLACEHOLDER FOR WHATEVER REAL NEWS STORY HAPPENS IN NOVEMBER)

So I'm thinking we'll need to draw some attention to the "official" aspect to set us apart. We'll make a big foil seal, maybe a hologram of Obama's face turning into the main character from the Family Guy. And who's gonna claim that we're not actually "official"? Father Time? Yeah, right.

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